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Garden Consultation Packages

By choosing us as your garden experts, you are directly supporting our Back-Farms Program. The funds from each consulting package helps our organization fund one of our 28 senior citizen gardens. We hope to expand this program in the future, and we hope that by offering these consultations, we can create the funds to impact more seniors in our area. 

Growing Gardens Introductory Package: $250

  • One time on-site consultation to determine garden size and location of garden in your yard

  • Drawn up garden plans including square footage, planting dates, crops grown, estimated harvest dates

  • entry into 3 classes of your choice taught in our Small Farm Initiative

  • your contribution supports the tools needed to tend to one senior garden

Thriving Gardens Intermediate Package: $750

  • Includes everything from intro package

  • Receive 1 hour on-site consultations each month from May-September

  • Custom drip-line irrigation installation

  • your contribution supports the labor needed to tend to one senior garden

Master Gardens Advanced Package $5,000

  • We build a garden in your yard in the spring

  • We provide all seeds, transplants, tools and labor to ensure a bountiful garden for the entire growing season

  • you directly SPONSOR one entire garden for the entire year for a local senior citizen

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