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Garden Apprentices

The Back-Farms program pairs elderly community members with a Garden Apprentice to convert backyard space into organic urban farms. The Apprentice is responsible for the garden for the length of the growing season.  Through the hard work of the Apprentice, overgrown yards are transformed into fertile gardens.  


Apprentices will learn how to:

  • build garden beds

  • prep a garden for planting

  • install drip irrigation

  • plant seeds and starts

  • basic pest control

  • weed management

  • companion planting

  • fertilization

  • seed saving 

  • and many other skills!

In addition, the Apprentice receives produce every week and builds a relationship with the homeowner that is both rewarding and broadening. 

Apprentices are required to meet once a week, for 34 weeks. If you are selected, you can miss no more than four weeks during the year. Depending on garden size and the season, you will spend 30 minutes - two hours in the garden each week.