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Are you a fan of local food, preserving farmland, and eating sustainably grown produce picked at peak freshness? Do you want to bottle a bit of summer for the dark winter months? Then join forces with your friends and neighbors to help grow Utah's local sustainable agriculture economy. When you become part of our CSA, you are supporting farmers in training while eating the freshest food all season long!

  • Cost:

    • Full Share $250

  • One bushel of produce delivered every other week for 12 weeks (July - October)

  • Grown locally by Farmers in Training at the Community Farm in South Salt Lake

  • Includes one bushel of apricots, one bushel of canning vegetables( ie beets, beans, Carrots, etc) , one bushel of peaches, one bushel of grapes, one bushel of apples, 1/2 bushel of cucumbers, one bushel of Tomatoes. 

  • Free home delivery delivered Bi-weekly on Friday starting July 26th

Back for the 2019 growing season...

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